Wednesday, March 11, 2015

He Works

Recently, I have been on this MAJOR cloth diapering kick because I love GroVia's hybrid system soo very much. So much in fact, that I am now an advocate for them (eek!). As I was thinking about how to "sell" parents on cloth diapers, I resist putting too much on Facebook--because that is an annoyance of mine, products instead of people.

Will the GroVia system work for every person who wants to try out cloth diapering? Heaven's no. But I have a secret for you. There is not one oil that works all the time for everybody. There is not one vitamin that everyone is in need of. There is not one drink that will solve everyone's health problems. There is not one facial that will be attainable for everyone. As I was sitting here thinking of all of the businesses on Facebook, I am encouraged that people are making money and loving what they are selling! I am encouraged that my friends are encouraged.

However, as I go into this new "venture", there is something that is weighing heavily on my heart. Will I try to sell more diapers than I will try to sell Jesus?

You see, we have ONE savior that does work for everyone. We have ONE God who can cure issues of the heart.

So here's my goal as I start educating people about cloth diapers:

To do it with the Glory of God in mind. To do it honestly. To compare products unbiasedly against each other. To care more about the people than my sales--I would rather just have them know it's a possibility and an attainable one at that. To be gracious, loving and kind in talking with people. To be thoughtful of their financial situation. To let love, more than money, do the talking.

There is not one product on this earth that works for everyone, but there is one Heavenly Father who does.

*Shameful Plug* If anyone is interested in cloth diapering, having a cloth diapering class, or anything like that, feel free to contact me. 

Monday, March 2, 2015

He Holds

There are so many thoughts that run through my mind after I cuddle Adelaide to sleep. Prayers, worship, lists of things to do, what will I have for supper, ect. It is a never ending rotation of thoughts. In the overwhelmingness of thinking, truth always shines through. 

As I hold my dear daughter against my chest and feel her body melt into mine, as I see the rise and fall of her body, as I hear her breathing become the same rhythm as my heartbeat, and as I feel her small arm slide down mine in her sleep, one thing becomes joyfully clear. I am her mother.

Holding her like this, calming her down, and just simply feeling her melting into me has got to be the best feeling in the world. I cannot be convinced otherwise, until something else comes along. As she relaxes, so do I, thinking about things above and not on things here. 

Just as I am Addie's Mother, her comforter, so is my Abba Father to me. 

How often do I hold my little dear's hand to guide her to peace? How often do I hold her body close to mine? How often do I whisper songs of truth in her ear? How often do I simply just hug her because she needs it? And how often do I hold her, simply in awe of the perfection of the moment. 

How often do I miss my Heavenly Father doing that for me? I need comfort. I need peace. I need truth, and encouragement! If I run out of these from the Father, how will I lead my precious Adelaide to Him? How will I learn to be still and be in awe of the moment with God?

So, I will continue to rock my darling girl while she is holding onto my hand, because all the while, I am holding onto His.