Friday, June 8, 2012

Being Resourceful

Green Citrus Cleaner

Remember the limes I had juiced? I just couldn't bring myself to throw away the peels. A whole big bowl of wonderful smelling lime peels. So, I went in search of a use for them that wouldn't take long, nor was complicated. I found this: A homemade Citrus Cleaner. 

First, you take all the lime peels...

Then you pack them REALLY tight in a jar (cute jars preferable, but not mandatory)...

Last, you pour plain old white vinegar over them.

You're supposed to leave them alone for a few weeks. Then strain them, then take however much of the solution and mix it with an equal amount of water. Supposedly, this is a pretty basic all purpose cleaner. I am anxious to try it in a few weeks and tell you what I think. If I don't like it, the beauty is that I am only out a few pennies from the vinegar!

Hope it works!

The actual link I found for this uses oranges, but I figured citrus is citrus...right? 

Strawberry Limeade Popsicles!

Strawberry Limeade Popsicles!

I had this amazing idea this morning. I realized that I had a WHOLE bag of limes in my fridge...untouched! So I thought that a wonderful treat would be "Strawberry Limeade Popsicles".  A healthier version of course! 

You will need
Frozen Strawberries (about a cup)
Agave Nectar (1/8 cup)
Lime juice (1/2 Cup)
Seltzer Water (4 oz)
*Not pictured* Crushed Pineapple IN JUICE (about 4-8 oz depending on sweetness of strawberries)

First, take the limes and roll them between your palm and cutting board. This releases more juice.

Using a serrated knife, cut off both ends of the lime.

Still using the serrated knife, go around the lime. Trust me, a serrated knife will be your friend. Limes have pretty thick skin.

You want the limes to look like this.

Juice them.
*Just a note, you could use a citrus press juicer, or probably boughten pre-made lime juice. I had limes to use up and the point of this was to make it as natural as possible*

Add Frozen Strawberries, lime juice, and...

Agave nectar...

And Pineapple and blend.

STIR in the seltzer water. If you blend it the fantastic bubbles will go flat. You could use any kind of pop if desired. I was going for a healthy option.

Pour into popsicle molds and ENJOY!

If you are thinking "Oh my word that looks like SO much work!", no need to fear. The Strawberries are already done, you can use pre made lime juice, and pop instead of seltzer water and get the same effect! Also, if you want more sweetness, go ahead and add sugar or more agave if you desire. I like mine a bit tart!

Also, I made MORE than enough for 8 popsicle molds! I probably made enough for 24! No problem! I poured it into a Ziplock bag and will use it again when these run out...and run out they will. They are fantastic.  

Diving In

This is my first blog. I would absolutely love it if someone could take all of my ideas and thoughts and just make a beautiful blog out of it. Sadly, there is only me to do it and my hopes that what and how I think will come out in my writing. 

I have a small description about this blog, but I would like to go in farther. 

I am 23 (or will be in July!) I have been married for 2 and a half years. Recently, my husband and I have had 2 miscarriages in 6 months. We have finally been trying to be healthy, especially me. I have been diagnosed with high testosterone, which is indicative of PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). I do not want to take medication to lower my testosterone. It isn't safe, and doesn't cure it. It treats symptoms of having high testosterone. Ways to do that is through a more plant based and healthy diet, as well as exercise. I am not really overweight, or obese, but high testosterone makes it hard to lose weight, and puts women at higher risk for both cardiovascular disease and diabetes. So aside from pregnancy, it is a dangerous thing for a woman to have. 

Through this, I am posting my own original recipes and ideas. Some won't be my ideas, maybe they'll be some I expanded upon, or just downright copied. Let's face it, with Pinterest nowadays, it's hard to have ideas no one else has done or thought of!  Most will be healthy, but some will be unhealthy. I love cooking for people and I can't expect everyone to eat the same as me. Lord willing, He will continue to bless me with creative thinking and ideas to create well balanced and healthy recipes. 

This is my journey, throughout thick and thin, through ups and downs, through mourning and rejoicing. Thank you for joining me and I hope that I can help you in some small way!